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Application to live at Stadium Way/College Way
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Shared Room at College Way with washer & dryer ($1155/sem + $115 utilities)
Total: $1270/sem
I want a:
Shared Room at Stadium Way with washer & dryer ($1255/sem + $115 utilities)
Total: $1370/sem
I want a:
Private room at Stadium Way with washer and dryer (NOT AVAILABLE AT COLLEGE WAY) ($1455/sem + $115 utilities)
Total: $1570/sem
I want a:
Private Suite at College Way with washer & dryer ($1935/sem + $230 utilities)
Total: $2165/sem
I want a:
Private Suite at Stadium Way with washer & dryer ($1965/sem + $230 utilities)
Total: $2195/sem
I wish to start occupancy in the: Year:
I prefer the following individual as my roomate (If you have requested a private room, this will be the person you share a connected bathroom with).:
I prefer the following individuals (other than roomate)
to live in my apartment:
(Roomate and apartment assignments are at discretion of Landlord.)

What are you looking for in a roomate or others who are living in your apartment?

When roomate assignments are made, you will receive an email with phone numbers and email addresses for your roommates. If you do not want us to share this information with your roommates please click this box:

Tell us about your likes and dislikes. Also, if you were referred here by someone, please list their name here.
How did you find out about us?


This is not a comprehensive list of all rules and terms. Additional rules and terms are contained in your lease agreement.


  2. No overnight guests. (Guest must be out by 12:00 midnight Sunday-Thursday, and 1:30 am Fridays and Saturdays).

  3. Fall rent is due at time of move-in or August 1st, (whichever comes first). Spring semester rent is due by December 1st. Call for arrangements with scholarship or student aid. If you want to pay in installments your parents must live in Utah (unless you are on financial aid) and must sign a credit card and parent guaranty agreement.

  4. Cost of any damages caused by student will be paid by student.

  5. No pets.

  6. No paintball or soft air pellet guns. Anyone caught with such a device will receive a $100 fine. Anyone who reports a tenant who is using such a device will receive a $50 reward.

  7. Bicycle racks are provided for each building. Bicycles are not permitted in the Apartments.

  8. Residents may not use tape (or self-adhesive products) on the walls.

  9. Those signing up for the fall agree to stay also for spring semester. If you leave Spring semester you must either pay the rent or find a substitute tenant. We will discount the contracts to make them easier to sell for those leaving to serve religious missions

By submitting this application and sending in your deposit of $250.00 a place will be reserved for you for up to 10 days, as long as there is still space available. To keep your reservation you must pay semester rent (or your first installment) by August 1st for fall semester, or call or email to make arrangements if you will be late. Otherwise, your place may be given to another. If you ask for a type of room that is filled up you will be given another room assignment. Call and pay your deposit with a Credit Card or mail your deposit to:

Stadium Way Apartments
1480 W. Center Street #23
Cedar City, UT 84720


College Way Apartments
130 North College Way
Cedar City, UT 84720

By pressing submit, you agree to abide by the above rules, to send a deposit check within 10 days, and to sign a lease for the time period and rental amount set forth above. Your lease will be emailed to you for electronic signature by July 20th (for Fall Semester) or December 1st (for Spring Semester). Your roommate assignments will be emailed to you about a week later. Should you cancel your application, your deposit, less a $25 processing fee, will only be refunded as long as the cancellation notice is received in writing or by email by June 1st if your are applying for Fall semester or by Oct. 1st if you are applying for Spring semester. Stadium Way/College Way Apartments, LLC reserves the right to reject this application for any reason it deems proper.

Check here if you want to pay in installments. If so, CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD a parent credit card authorization and guaranty agreement to be signed and notarized--not available if your parents live out of state or do not qualify financially. Otherwise your entire rent is due on August 1st (for Fall Semester) or December 1st (for Spring Semester). No exceptions. An additional charge of $50 per semester applies if you choose to pay in installments.