Most Commonly Asked Questions for Stadium Way and College Way Apartments


1. Are utilities included? Yes, your landlord pays for high speed Internet and all utilities. The Students also pay for telephone should they connect to local service and not just use their own cell phone.  


2. Can I pay monthly?  What if I have a scholarship?  In most cases, rent for Fall semester is due on August 1st. It is due on December 1st for Spring semester. Students can pay in installments if they and their parents live in the State of Utah and if their parents sign a guaranty and credit card authorization agreement for the rent. There is a $50 per semester charge for those paying in installments. Those that pay with installments are required to pay 1/3rd of the semester's rent plus the $50 per semester charge for those paying in installments on August 1st for Fall semester or move in date, whichever comes first, 1/3rd on September 1st, and 1/3rd on October 1st. For Spring semester 1/3rd of the semester's rent plus the $50 per semester charge is due Dec 1st, 1/3 January 1st, and the balance is due on Feb 1st. For those with scholarships or financial aid covering rent we realize most scholarships or financial aid packages are not funded until about a month into the semester. In such cases you need your parents to sign a guaranty and credit card authorization agreement (for scholarships and financial aid this is ok even for out of state students but not for students who live outside of the United States) and you need to provide written confirmation from SUU of the scholarship or financial aid. Once this information is given then those with scholarships or financial aid pay as follows: Fall semester: 1/3rd of the semester's rent is due on August 10th or upon move-in whichever comes first and the balance is due one month from the first day of Fall Semester or the day the scholarship or financial aid is received whichever comes first. Spring semester: 1/3 of the semester's rent is due on December 1st and the balance is due one month from the beginning of Spring semester or the day the scholarship or financial aid is received whichever comes first. If your scholarship or financial aid is not here within 30 days from the start of the semester, or if we cannot confirm with the school that it will be here soon thereafter, then we treat you like a student paying “monthly” (see above) until the scholarship funds arrive to pay the balance of your rent.


3. Does my deposit go towards my rent?  No. The deposit is used as security for any damages caused or cleaning that is not taken care of at the end of the lease. A non-refundable sum of $100.00 is deducted for carpet cleaning, window cleaning, fixing all holes in the wall of a reasonable size from hanging picture frames, and touch up painting which is done each year after the students leave. The rest of the deposit, less unpaid amounts under the lease, damages, and cleaning fees, if any, will be mailed back to you.


4. Do I have to sign a 2 semester contract? Yes unless you come only for Spring Semester which starts in January.  If you come for Spring Semester only you may sign a one semester contract. 


5.  Can we use nails, tacks or sticky tape on the walls?  You may use small nails and tacks but no sticky tape.  We patch the holes and touch up paint each year.  If you use large nails, use sticky tape, or create an unusually high number of nail holes we will make the repairs and deduct it from your deposit.   Sticky tape should never be used.


6. Is there assigned parking?   There is not assigned parking.  There is plenty of parking (one space per student plus plenty of guests parking).  You will be issued a parking sticker at a cost of $15.00.  Unauthorized vehicles will be towed or booted after hours.   We monitor our parking lots each night. 


7. How big are the apartments?  How many bathrooms and bedrooms are there?  Stadium Way and College Way have two different types of apartments.  Each type of apartment accommodates 6 students.  The first type is a standard three bedroom apartment.  These are shared bedroom apartments; however, you can rent shared room as a private suite.  Each of these bedrooms has a walk-in closet and its own private bathroom. Each of these bedrooms is about 16.5 feet by 15 feet which includes the closet and bathroom.   If you don’t count the closet and bathroom (including the open sink area) the room is about 15 feet by 11 feet.  There are 36 of these apartments at Stadium Way and 26 at College Way.  These apartments are about 1225 square feet.  The second type of apartment is only found at Stadium Way —these apartments have one shared bedroom room (with a walk in closet and private bathroom), and 4 private or single person bedrooms.  These four single bedrooms share two bathrooms which are set up in such a way that all four students can be using a bathroom facility at the same time (using a sink, bath/shower, or toilet area).   Each private bedroom has its own closet.  These bedrooms vary slightly in size but average about 8 feet by 13 feet which includes the closets.  There are 13 of these apartments (52 total private bedrooms) that are about 1225 square feet.   Each apartment has central air conditioning and a washer and dryer.  You can view the apartments and the floor plans on this internet site.


8.  What do I need to bring?  What furniture and appliances do the apartments have?  What size are the beds?   All apartments are fully furnished.   The front rooms have a couch and love seat (or chairs).   The kitchens have nice oak cabinets, and all standard appliances including a dishwasher, microwave oven, stove with range top, refrigerator, and washer and dryer.  The bedrooms have standard twin size beds, with a computer desk, dresser, nightstand (in 3 bedroom units), and are wired for phone, and high speed internet.  You will need to bring kitchen dishes, pots and pans, utensils, etc.  You will also need to bring your own sheets, blankets, pillows and personal items.  You do not need to bring a shower curtain as all of our tub/showers and showers have doors.  There is no telephone or TV.  Most students bring a television and use cell phones.  You can contract with the local phone company for a phone—each bedroom and kitchen is wired for a phone.


9.  What is the Internet like?   We supply high speed internet service with WiFi.  Our internet is hard wired into each bedroom.  The internet is supplied to aid you in your formal education. It is not for running a business, or activity that inversely effects others' formal education.


10.  Do I have to be a college student to live there?  Yes, you have to be an enrolled SUU College Student.


11.  Can I bring my bike?  Yes, we don’t allow bikes to be stored in the apartments we have bike racks outside the apartments.


12.  Are pets allowed?  No, not even fish.


13.  Can I bring my own bed and dresser?  We don’t suggest it, but will allow it.  If you choose to do so we will charge you $25.00 per semester because we have to move our furniture and rent storage space to store our furniture.


14.  Can I use the hot tub?  Yes.  The hot tub and Clubhouse are located at Stadium Way; however, both College Way and Stadium Way tenants have full use of these facilities.


15.  I will be there for orientation or at some other time; can I come and see the apartments?  Yes, just call and make an appointment with the manager.   The manager’s Phone is 1-435-586-1121 for Stadium Way and 1-435-586-2180 for College Way or e-mail us at or to set up an appointment.


16.  How many students to an apartment?  Each apartment can accommodate six students.  Apartments may have less if a person rents a private suite.


17.  What do you do to make the apartments a safe place to live?  Is there a curfew?  Landlord has tried to make the apartments a safe place to live.  Landlord has full time managers who live on-site and handle problems day and night.  Rules are strictly enforced.  Guests must be out of the apartment by 12:00 midnight, except on Friday and Saturday nights when they must leave by 1:30 a.m.  If they are not their cars will be booted or towed.  If you plan on smoking, drinking, or using drugs don’t apply to live here.  The full-time manager will not hesitate to evict for rule violations or have you arrested if you are breaking the law.  Landlord has parking lot lights, night lights in the park, cameras in the clubhouse that record 24/7, hand rails on the stairs and porches, night lights on the sand volleyball court, and lights over the basketball standards.


18.  What is the surrounding area like?  What is there to do? St. George is an hour away, several national parks or monuments are close by including Zion’s National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Cedar Breaks National Monument, and Lake Powell (several hours away).  There is good hunting and fishing in the area, Cedar City has a nice golf course, Brianhead Ski Resort is under a 25 miles from the apartments.  Southern Utah has a lot to offer.  Cedar City is loaded with restaurants, entertainment, and shopping.  Within the last few years a Walmart and Home Depot have been built within several miles of our apartments.


19.  Are the apartments within walking distance to campus?  Yes.  Stadium Way is half-a-block from the campus.  College Way is one anda hald blocks from the campus.


20.  When will the roommate assignments be made?  Can you reserve a specific room for me?  Landlord generally does not reserve specific rooms—although we may on occasion.  Rooms are on a first come first serve basis.  Roommate assignments are completed the first week of August.  You will be sent notice by e-mail at that time.


21.  What is the move-in date?  Can I move in early?   You can move in two days before the first day of school without an additional charge.  You can generally move in anytime before that for a prorated daily rental rate.  For example if you come 21 days before the start of school for a sports program or some other reason you will be charged 19 days rent at a prorated basis.  As an example, if your rent is $1,270 for the semester (about 4 months) then the prorated rent would be $10.41 per day ($1,270/122 days = $10.41 per day).


22.  What is in the clubhouse?  The clubhouse is the only student housing clubhouse of its kind in Cedar City.   You can take a picture tour of it on our internet site at .  It has large gathering room with a big screen TV, pool table, foosball table, vending machines, and a connected large indoor/outdoor hot tub.  It is open from 10:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.  It is monitored with closed circuit cameras.  The clubhouse and hot tub are at Stadium Way but College Way students have full access. 


23.  What are the grounds like?  Both College Way and Stadium Way have large grassy areas with a picnic table and outdoor barbeque grill.  Stadium Way has a Park with a sand volleyball court.  College Way students have full access to the Park and all of the amenities at Stadium Way .  Both sites have basketball standards.    You can view the Park and the sand volleyball court on our internet site at  


24.  What is your overnight guest policy?   No overnight guests are allowed without permission.  Generally permission will only be given for parents visiting from out of town.  Guests must be out of the apartment by 12:00 midnight, except on Friday and Saturday nights when they must leave by 1:30 a.m.   Unauthorized vehicles will be towed or booted at the owner's expense after these hours.