Park Place Apartments offers both private room and shared room apartments. All of our apartments have been designed with a townhouse style, and there are no basement or partial basement apartments on the site. The front of the apartments are bricked with pillars at each entryway. Without question, these are the best looking and most modern apartments around for student housing. We also have a full-time management team to assist students and to maintain the apartments. Below is a table listing the many features of our apartments. Be sure to view our picture tour!

Apartment Features
Apartment Feature
Shared Room Apts.
Private Room Apts
Rent $1335 - $1520
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$1470 - $2087
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Floor Plan Click here to view Click here to view
Fully furnished Yes Yes
# Bedrooms 3 6
# Bathrooms 3 (1 per room) 3 (1 per 2 rooms)
Study Desk 1 per room 1 per room
High-Speed Internet Yes Yes
Phone/Internet Jacks 1 per room 1 per room
Closets Walk-in Regular
Microwave Yes Yes
Dishwasher Yes Yes
Washer & Dryer Some (Click here for details) Some (Click here for details)
Central Air Yes Yes
Upgraded Kitchen Cabinets and tiled kitchen and bathroom floors Yes Yes